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Testimonials: Users' Experiences with Best-Vet

Best-Vet & Mini Roller: Serious Bowed Tendon
Lizzy, my 5-year-old Trakehner dressage mare bowed her right front tendon in turn out. The vet initially stated that Lizzy probably would not recover enough to do dressage again and that he had not seen a bowed tendon that bad in a long time. He had originally scheduled her for surgery to split the tendon but decided a couple days later not to do the surgery. He stated that she would be on stall rest for about a year and said to call him in two weeks to check the tendon again. 

Well.... Instead of calling him I called you :)  

We are going on 6 weeks now and the vet was amazed and shocked at the recovery and results thus far. The vet looked at Lizzy today and was astonished at how great her tendon looked and felt. He stated he has never seen a bowed tendon heal so fast and so nicely before. :) I shared with him that I was using microcurrent.

I just wanted to pass that along to you since you have been such a help and inspiration every step of the way! Her leg has healed nicely from any and all sores, is tight and cool. 

I sure appreciate ALL your help and support thus far and look forward to learning more about microcurrent - such a blessing!

Jennifer Baus
Post Falls, ID
June 2011

Best-Vet, MCT Patch, & more: Avulsion at Origin of Suspensory Healed
Got fantastic news from the vet today regarding my horse who had an avulsion at the origin of the suspensory---he's 100% sound; no scar tissue at all; the vet says he healed REALLY well and that I'm one lucky lady! :)  

I treated my horse with Matrix products – the Best-Vet, MCT Patch, Cool Cast, and iontophoresis. The vet was really surprised at how well my horse healed. There were no bad scar tissue adhesions on the tendon and he was given 100% soundness with return to normal activity. 

Also, at the time of the check-up, I asked my veterinarian if he saw any signs of soreness elsewhere in my horse---if he needed injections or anything. (Mind you he is a 15-year-old Quarter Horse I use for barrel racing and he was on the racetrack through his 4-year-old year. He also has had two previous bone chip surgeries in the same knee – he is a regular for injections – both hocks and knees). This horse is also a microcurrent junkie---wiggling his lips and even rocking back and forth so I get the right spot. The vet said, no, he did not see any indication of him needing any injections or other traditional interventions!  


Amanda Harthun
Bear Lake, MI
June 2011

Best-Vet: Quick and Easy to treat General Soreness
My 8-year-old paint mare, Dancer, has been experiencing soreness due to advancing to a new level in our dressage training. I just got a Best-Vet unit and I had so much fun treating Dancer with it today.  I treated her back before Coral (Equine Massage Therapist) worked on her and treated Dancer's neck area after Coral worked on her.  I also did Dancer's leg where she got caught in the blackberry bushes and she loved it all.  I am so thrilled. The Best-Vet is so easy to use and Dancer will reap the benefits as I can treat her more often than I could with my MENS Miva 4 and MicroStim 400.  Keep in touch and I will talk with you soon.

Take care,

Portland, OR
May 2011

Microcurrent & more: No More Injections
In 2010, I had to have my 6-year-old barrel horse injected numerous times in multiple locations.  For his wellbeing and to save my checkbook, I invested in the Precision Micro Stim, Best-Vet, Thermotex blanket and other products from Matrix Therapy.  After two months of treatments, my vet recommended that I continue doing my treatments and that no injections were needed.  He said he couldn’t believe it was the same horse that he looked at six months prior. I am currently keeping all my horses on a maintenance program and they are all sound and comfortable. I have had such a wonderful experience and had great success using these products that I am now fully trained and offering my services to the public. 

Kimberly Anderson
Redmond, OR
April 2011

I am a licensed acupuncturist with a primarily small animal practice. I am thrilled with the therapeutic uses and results that I have gotten with incorporating the Avazzia Best-Vet into my practice. It is an amazing device that is easy and convenient to use. I believe that it has really enhanced my treatments and benefited my patients. I really appreciate Deborah’s immense knowledge of microcurrent therapy and her willingness to share it with customers.

Beth Schneider MS, L.Ac., Holistic Veterinary Care Center -

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