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Training Facility for Clinics

Matrix's Training Facility is located in Beavercreek, OR (40 minutes east of Portland) and is the site for most of Matrix's clinics and classes.

Facility's Specs

Barn Dimensions: 64 ft. X. 120 ft. with 18 ft. clearance.

Arena has three large doors and two 16-foot high double sliding doors at each end of Arena.

Barn yard has plenty of parking for trucks & trailers; have parked three 53 Ft. tractor / trailers at one time.

Open rail on barn side with bleachers at ground level and a Sony Sound System. Loft area offers additional viewing area.

Very well lit with Neon & High Pressure Sodium, also plenty of see-through panels on each end and the west side.

Matrix Therapy Products
Matrix Therapy Products - Home
View from the guest room
Matrix Therapy Products - front yard, barn, driveway
The Barn
Matrix Therapy Products - barn
Inside the Barn
Matrix Therapy Products - Crossties in barn
Cross-ties ideal for treatments
Matrix Therapy Products - horse being treated in crossties
Covered Arena connected to the Barn
Matrix Therapy Products - indoor arena

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