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Best-Vet Therapy for Your Dog

Common Uses

The Best-Vet therapy devcie can be used on dogs to help heal injuries and to improve inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, as well as muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries. After a surgery, therapy can help dogs heal faster, relieve pain, and prevent scar tissue. The following are additional situations when microcurrent treatment with the Best-Vet therapy device is beneficial for a dog.


  • General pain relief
    Best-Vet topline treatment for your dog
    Best-Vet Topline Treatment with Probes
  • Surgery post-op
  • Muscle, tendon, and ligament issues, such as strains and tears
  • Alleviating depression, which often accompanies pain and decreased mobility
  • After paralysis or a stroke
  • Shoulder, hip, and back conditions – such as hip dysplasia
  • Arthritis, stiffness, and muscle atrophy
  • Strengthening immune system – helps skin conditions and vision problems
  • Anxiety
  • Wounds – promotes faster healing and prevents scar tissue


First Timers

The two biggest challenges with treating dogs is reaching the skin with the electrode through their thick coats and keeping them still for treatments.

For a dog’s first several therapy sessions it is recommended to have an assistant to help comfort, hold, or secure the dog. This will allow more flexibility to experiment with treatment methods and to determine what treatment settings the dog enjoys. In the beginning, only experiment with one or two methods per session. Keep the entire treatment short, treating for a maximum of 10 minutes. It is also recommended to have a favorite treat or other reward available. Following these tips will help ensure your dog has a positive first experience with the Best-Vet treatments.


Treat Your Dog with Any Type of Electrode

Treating with Best-Vet and pad electrodes
Treating with Best-Vet and pad electrodes.

Acupoint Probes
The Acupoint Probes are ideal for treating dogs, especially for dogs with long hair or thick undercoats. Treating with Acupoint Probes makes it easy to reach down to the skin and they do not have the attachment issues that pads do.


Avazzia Comb Electrode
Combs are good to use for maintenance and injury prevention in athletic dogs, such as show dogs and working dogs. Combing your dog with the Best-Vet on Chronic mode enables you to find areas of concern where your dog might have pain or an injury surfacing.

Depending on the dog’s type of hair, it might be necessary to treat with other electrode options. The comb does not work well with long hair or thick undercoats because it cannot penetrate them to reach the skin.


Silver Knit Gloves
Silver knit gloves are ideal for short-haired dogs and sensitive animals, such as cats and petite dogs. For dogs with long hair or thick undercoats, it is necessary to thoroughly wet the fur down to the skin and then work gloves past hair to reach the skin.

Glove work enables you to reach areas that are difficult to treat with other types of electrodes. Gloves are also a good option if a dog is difficult to treat, for example if it will not stay put or is sensitive to microcurrent.


Pad electrodes only work on very short-haired dogs that do not have dense undercoats. Also, the dog must be very quiet so that pads are not dislodged, which would disable treatment. For thick-haired dogs, clipping hair may be necessary to use the microcurrent pads. However, never shave fur prior to treatment.

Rather than using masking tape to secure pads, it is often easier to wet the area thoroughly, then hold pads in place. With this method, if the dog moves or squirms it is easy to avoid tangling wires or damaging the unit.


Ear Clips
Ear clip electrodes are primary used for treating a dog experiencing anxiety. The microcurrent treatment is kept relatively localized in the dog’s head and neck area. 

Treating dog's spine with Best-Vet and Acupoint Probes
Treating dog's spine with Best-Vet and Acupoint Probes.


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