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Product Information

Matrix Best-Vet III Specs

  • FDA-registered biofeedback microcurrent therapy device
  • Hand-held, portable, lightweight
  • Battery-powered
  • Easy to operate
  • Non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive
  • Interactive, automatic biofeedback indicated with beeps and LED lights
  • Measures and sends electrical pulses when the unit is moved along the skin
  • Uses Avazzia Inc. BEST technology

Matrix Best-Vet 3 and comb electrode

Matrix Best-Vet III and Electrode Comb

About the Matrix Best-Vet

Low-level electrical stimulation (microcurrent) provides healing results that astonish horse owners. Matrix Therapy Product has just released it’s newest microcurrent device, the Matrix Best-Vet III™. This therapy device is the latest in the Best-Vet microcurrent series by Avazzia and the name “Best-Vet” stands for Biofeedback Electrical Stimulation Technology for veterinary applications. This unit was designed specifically based on feedback from our customers and new features and programs were added.

The Matrix Best-Vet III is a pocket-sized device that has four interactive mode selections to address soreness and injury recovery. A feature that is unique to the Best-Vet devices is the ability to help assess tissue responses while simultaneously administering therapeutic treatment.

Feedback Provides Treatment Analysis
It is often asked, how do I know that current has penetrated the skin? The newly designed Assess Chronic mode provides this information with indicator lights that are giving GSR readings. It occurs simultaneously while treating and gives you a new level of confidence in using microcurrent therapy.

A Setting Designed for Deep Relaxation
Depending on your horse’s disposition, sometimes it can be advantageous to help your horse relax before an event. For example, before a race your horse might be overly excited and excessively expending its energy, or it might be nervous and worried. Whether it is for a race or any other speed or performance event, this nervous or excitable energy can have a negative effect on the horse’s performance.

With the new Low Relax mode on the Matrix Best-Vet III you can do just this. The goal of the Low Relax mode is to help horses go into a Delta brain wave state of relaxation. The treatment can be beneficial at-home, or integrated into event day routine either as a pre-event treatment or in between events, depending on the individual horse.

Versatile & Effective
The other two modes, which are ideal for leg circulation and deep massage for the body, are still integral parts of the device. Additionally, a combination of the various modes with specific treatment protocols can help a wide range of injuries and issues. The new Matrix Best-Vet III encompasses a range of therapy applications that is not seen in any other equine therapy product on the market.

Equine Kit from Matrix
The Matrix Best-Vet III equine kit from Matrix comeswith a comb attachment to use on the horse’s body. Horses enjoy the grooming experience with the therapeutic microcurrent and it has many healing benefits. Continued use lets the user see the horse experience decreased soreness and improved performance. Also, the comb and Best-Vet III can be used to locate and monitor problem areas. Users report that injury recovery is often reduced in half when compared to stall rest and other veterinary options.

The Best-Vet III is a highly versatile in therapy tool, and there are a wide range of electrode accessories that make it possible to customize treatments for specific issues. The comb electrode that comes with the unit can be switched to all body sessions with back pad, leg wraps, and needle free acupuncture and more.

For more information, email or view the product page.

FDA Information

Made in the USA, the Best-Vet is a FDA-registered Biofeedback Therapeutic Device with ISO 13485 certification and CE approval.

Order a Best-Vet therapy device.

By using this site and purchasing from this or affiliate sites you agree to the following: I understand that Matrix Therapy Products Corp./ has sold me, or my company, these products solely for the therapeutic benefit of my animals and does not condone, encourage, or solicit the breaking of any law. I understand that administration of any product, no matter how well-known or frequently used, carries the possibility of adverse reactive effects. Individual results of any kind cannot be guaranteed. I hold Matrix Therapy Products Corp./, their agents and employees, blameless for my decision to use these therapeutic products. I have read, understand, and am in complete agreement with the assertions made in this disclaimer.

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