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Welcome to Matrix Therapy Products: The Best-Vet Store

Dogs feeling good and having fun

Matrix Therapy Products’ Best-Vet Store is a place to find information and therapy tools for helping your furry four legged companions. Dogs are such an important part of many people’s lives, and now you can take their health care needs into your own hands.

There are therapy tools and treatment tips for practitioners, dog owners of all types, and for people both new to and familiar with the therapies. Our focus is on the microcurrent Best-Vet device, but we also cover complementary therapies such as infrasound and light.

Matrix's primary focus is microcurrent therapy, which is the use of low-level electrical current. Matrix also carries a wide range of other therapy products, providing customers with a wide selection of products to choose the one right for you! All products are safe, effective, and very beneficial in the relief and enhanced healing of a multitude of conditions.

Matrix Therapy Products offers sales and training for speciality therapy products. We focus on horses at our website, however we are seeing more and more people also treating their dogs with our products so we started a website focused on their needs. We also supply therapy products to medical professionals.

The therapy tools can be used singly or in combination. Along with the microcurrent devices, other types of therapies include light therapy (Red/Infrared/Laser), vibration therapy (tuning forks), and low-frequency acoustics (Qi Gong massager).

Matrix began selling therapy products in 1993 as part of Matrix International Corp. In 2004, Matrix Therapy Products Corp was established.

Please feel free to contact us for any special requests or requirements. As a family business we are big on personal service.

Matrix Companies

  • Matrix Therapy Products Corp. President: Deborah Powell.
    Matrix began selling therapy products in 1993 as part of Matrix International Corp. In 2004, Matrix Therapy Products Corp was established. The following are additional Matrix Therapy Products online stores and informational websites.

    • Microcurrent 4 People
      Matrix Therapy Products now has an online microcurrent store just for people! Avazzia BEST devices for individuals and practititioners, accessories, training, and more.

    • The Best-Vet Store
      Learn more about the Best-Vet units and therapy tools for dogs on the Best-Vet Store website.

  • Matrix Video Productions Inc.
    A professional video production company
    We can put your competition, event, and more up on High Quality Video VHS or DVD. Contact Nicole Coon @ (888) 764-5115

Order a Best-Vet therapy device.

By using this site and purchasing from this or affiliate sites you agree to the following: I understand that Matrix Therapy Products Corp./ has sold me, or my company, these products solely for the therapeutic benefit of my animals and does not condone, encourage, or solicit the breaking of any law. I understand that administration of any product, no matter how well-known or frequently used, carries the possibility of adverse reactive effects. Individual results of any kind cannot be guaranteed. I hold Matrix Therapy Products Corp./, their agents and employees, blameless for my decision to use these therapeutic products. I have read, understand, and am in complete agreement with the assertions made in this disclaimer. I understand that the products on this page and the information shared on the site or in person does not replace veterinarian care, and that it is recommended to always work with a veterinarian.

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