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Home » All Products and Accessories

Avazzia Units Belt Clip Holder  (A-502)


BEST Units Belt Clip - designed for all Avazzia BEST microcurrent devices.

Best-Vet and Best-Vet Pro devices slide easily into this lightweight belt clip holder. Use the Belt Clip to secure your unit, enabling hands free treatment sessions.
Price: $25.00

Best-Vet Training


Best-Vet Training Course
This is included in the purchase of a Best-Vet Kit from Matrix.
Become trained on how to safely and effectively use the Best-Vet device on horses and other animals. Class can be a phone consultation with Matrix or a hands-on class with a Matrix Certified Best-Vet Instructor. Length: up to 2 hours.
Price: $175.00

Book: MicroCurrent for Dogs by Deborah Powell


*NEW: MicroCurrent for Dogs Book by Deborah Powell
A Guide to Integrative Wellness for Canine Recovery & Rehabilitation

MicroCurrent for Dogs is a step-by-step introduction and guide to using unique and effective therapies that can reduce a dog’s recovery time compared to standard veterinary practices. This book explores alternatives to standard pet care practices, covering easy-to-use tools for microcurrent and other therapies. The goal of MicroCurrent for Dogs is to provide both owners and practitioners with a resource for incorporating therapy tools into the health care of dogs.

Book Specifications:
  • 320 pages, 17 chapters, 7.5x9.75” paperback book
  • Filled with illustrations and photographs
  • Includes treatment recommendations for 42 conditions
  • 52 Treatment and Reference Charts
  • Treatment protocols for microcurrent devices and various accessories, along with light, infrasound, iontophoresis, needle-free acupuncture, and more.
Price: $69.95

Book: MicroCurrent for Horses - 2nd Edition (084)


2nd Edition MicroCurrent for Horses (and other vital therapies you should know)
By Deborah A. Powell

The 2nd Edition includes new tips, updated protocols, new images, and new products. The 280-page, complete and fully-illustrated book covers all of the therapies offered by Matrix.

If it is the only item ordered the book will be sent via mail postage paid.
Price: $69.95

Clip Tote Bag (A-501)


A- 501 Clip Tote Bag
See-through vinyl bag has a zip lock top with a slit at the top for easy access to the cords. Badge clip holder for attachment to clothing, surcingle, mane, or tail.
Price: $5.50

Comb Electrode by Avazzia (E-Comb)


Avazzia Comb Electrode (E-Comb)

Use with BEST devices, connect with 5025 wire (or 5025 heavy duty version). The E-Comb is a combined positive and negative electrode, no need for return electrode. The comb electrode is ideal for horses and dogs. Comes with Best-Vet kits
Price: $150.00

E-Pen Acupoint Probe by Avazzia (E-Pen)


One-handed Pen Probe electrode, both positive and negative. Wired for BEST devices.
Price: $150.00

Ear Clip Electrodes - One Pair (E-EC)


Ear Clip Electrodes are comfortable to wear. Sold as a pair. Can be used on people or animals.
Price: $15.00

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