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Best-Vet Treatments: Using Accessories

The Best-Vet is a highly versatile microcurrent treatment unit. If you're looking to locate areas of pain or sorenss, it is ideal to use the comb electrode. However, if giving a maintenance treatment or sore spots are already known, then the treatment possibilities are endless. Below are a just a few examples of a few treatment areas and accessories you can use with the Best-Vet to treat your horses. Shown are the comb E-Pen Acupoint Probe, the Matrix Mini Roller, Acupoint Probes, pad electrodes, and the Comb Electrode. As well as a few examples of using the Best-Vet to treat your dog.

Acupoint E-Pen (E-Pen)
Combined positive/negative electrode acupoint probe, designed specifically for Best-Vet. No return electrode required.
Microcurrent Best-Vet on horse leg
Microcurrent Best-Vet on horse knee
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse shoulder
Treating the hind leg Ting Points.
Acupoint E-Pen on knee.
Treating acupuncture points on shoulder with acupoint E-Pen.

Mini Roller (MR-100), Acupoint Probes (PR-PT), Pad Electrodes
The Best-Vet can be attached to any type of electrodes, such as the Mini Roller, Acupoint Probes, pad electrodes, and all silver knit products. NOTE: All of these electrodes require a return, meaning two electrodes must be used for the current to flow through the body.
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse neck
Mini Roller on the neck, can be used anywhere on body.
Topline treatment with Acupoint Probes, great for a horse with a sore back.
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse back pain
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse
Acupoint Probes used to treat knee points.
Best-Vet secured to surcingle for use with pad electrodes, croup electrode (positive) split to hind legs (negative).

Best-Vet with Comb (E-Comb)
Combined positive/negative electrode comb, designed specifically for Best-Vet. No return electrode required.
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse with comb
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse saddle soreness
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse coronet band
Combing the shoulder and elbow area.
Checking for saddle soreness while treating the back.
The Best-Vet finding soreness on the Ting Points.
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse sore hind end
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse sore neck
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating horse tendon injury
Combing the haunches.
Treating and checking for sorenss on the neck
Treating the front leg.

Best-Vet Dog Treatments

The Best-Vet can be used to treat dogs (and other animals) using any type of electrode. Be sure to have a return electrode unless using one of the combined positive/negative electrodes. NOTE: Dog fur and undercoats are very thick, therefore a lot of moisture is necessary to reach the skin. Learn more about treating your dog.

Microcurrent Best-Vet treating dog hip injury
Microcurrent Best-Vet treating dog pain
Using the comb electrode to treat a dog's hind leg.
Treating a dog's topline with Acupoint Probes connected to the Best-Vet microcurrent device.

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